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Virendra Patel

Mr. Virendra Patel is the founder of the company. He oversees all the activities of the company and is a loyal adviser to his companions in the business. He has attained wealth and has also maintained the company’s position even during the span of lately happening recession. He is a prominent face in the PATEL Community for his many spiritual & religious efforts and is also seen as a person with boundless skills and knowledge in the construction and real estate business.

Ramniklal Patel

Mr. Ramnik Patel, partner has over 28 years of experience in the construction business. He examines the company’s Accounting and Finances, supervising the major scale of HR functions within the company such as recruitment, training & development and benefits & compensation. His essential powers are settling the hindrances in project foundation and taking care of the various statutory and regulatory obligations.

Manilal Patel

Mr. Manilal Patel, partner has over 40 years of experience in the construction business. His main obligations involves gaining possession of Land for development, rating current market scenario in terms of project suitability & generating tactics for various projects. He has also been the mentor for extremely motivated team force at SJPS.

Chunilal Patel

Mr. Chunilal Patel, partner has over 30 years of experience in the construction business. His present part includes evaluation of construction, quality control, finalization of architect plans, elevations and scheduling construction work to guarantee a timely delivery. He is also the in charge and head of the purchase department.

Ravilal Patel

Mr. Ravi Patel, partner has over 25 years of experience in the construction business. He is a person with full of enthusiasm and his essential strengths includes Redevelopment Project Valuation and Tenants Settlement for redevelopment project. He is fond of providing the newest and best quality comforts accessible in the market as per the budget. His main aim is to perceive the requirement of the common man and yield more than their anticipations.

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